About Rabbit Ranch Records

Although Rabbit Ranch Records is a Christian children's music company, our mission is to provide good, clean songs that are entertaining and have some positive message. Many CDs are specifically geared to teach lessons from the Bible, such as "God's Big Ten" (a CD about the Ten Commandments in the Bible) and "Angels in the Bible" (a CD about angels in the Bible). We strive to make our songs as scripturally souund as we can. Other CDs, such as our series of Kid's Action Songs are not specifically for teaching a Biblical lesson, but rather to provide a fun collection of music that the kids can get up and move to, that the parents are not afraid for their kids to hear. Finally, we strive to make music that does not become wearisome to adults who hear the songs over and over.

We strive to keep prices as low as possible. Income from CD sales allows us to keep producing new projects. If you are interested in using Rabbit Ranch Records CD as a fund raiser for your organization we would love to talk with you. We have done this with a local "Kids First" daycare with positive results for all parties involved.

We hope you like the Rabbit Ranch Records songs. We'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a note at parents@rabbitranch.com

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