Rabbit Ranch Records Testimonials


"This audio series from Rabbit Ranch Records is a creative and entertaining series for children which is loaded with Biblical truth, lots of giggles, and creative fun."

Ed Kee
Director of A & R
Brentwood Records/Provident Music Group


"I put the CD in the player, and after the first measure, my five-year-old daughter bounded down the stairs and exclaimed, while bouncing, "I LIKE THIS MUSIC!" She hasn't stopped listening. She plays it for friends. She makes up dances to it. I expect twenty years from now she'll want to walk down the aisle to it! "HOOFBEATS" absolutely resonates with her five-year-old heart."

Brant Hansen
Talk Radio Host
NewsTalk 1400 WDWS

"Hoofbeats is a must for every family whose desire is for their children to know God's Word. It is an excellent educational tool for teaching sound Biblical principles. Songs from the Bible are presented with clarity and purpose. Concepts are emphasized through repitition and positive reinforcement. Hoofbeats with its variety of style and music will capture the child's interest and impact his life for Christ eternally."

Thelma Giffhorn
Author and Speaker
Learning Activities for Teaching The Bible To Children


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